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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Reviews for The Welsh Cottage

Impressive reviews have started to appear for the Commission’s latest book, The Welsh Cottage by Eurwyn Wiliam (also published in Welsh as Y Bwthyn Cymreig).

The review by the magazine British Archaeology concludes, ‘Anyone with the slightest interest in architecture or rural history would be delighted with this sumptuous, scholarly, and rather humbling study.’

Richard Porch writes in Planet, ‘This is a brilliantly organised book that uses an astutely chosen mixture of photographs, plans and archive material to reactivate the lost world of the rural poor in Wales during the period 1750-1900. It is a book as much for the lay-reader as the specialist; the social as well as the architectural historian... written in an accessible style which belies the great scholarship and learning behind it.’

A ‘really impressed’ anonymous reviewer on Amazon gives the book five stars and explains, ‘I am finding this book particularly helpful in understanding the history of my home’.

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