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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Hidden Histories On The Web

Recently I've been spending my time adding the major essays from the Hidden Histories book to our website. These essays are great introductions to Welsh history which follow a chronological theme. They are written by experts in each field and are illustrated with photographs and images from the National Monuments Record (the RCAHMW archive). The pages can all be seen in the Heritage of Wales pages of the Royal Commission website and we hope they are great resources for everyone who wants to discover more about the history of Wales. I'd be glad to hear what people think about them and the other pages in the Heritage of Wales section of the website.

We have so many spectacular images and we thought that this was a good way of showing a selection of them to a wider audience within a context that explains the significance of what is illustrated - but maybe we could do this in a better way?

Any ideas for new pages?
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