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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Glamorgan: The Greater Houses - Domestic Architecture from the Reformation to the Industrial Revolution

The Greater Houses
Jacket: Old Beaupre, the porch
In its first century, the Royal Commission has produced more than 55 major publications. These have already made an enormous contribution to the understanding of the archaeological, built and maritime heritage of Wales, and many more books are in the pipeline. All of the publications are available in public and institutional libraries throughout Wales as well as in the Commission’s library and archive search room in Aberystwyth. Books still available for sale are listed in the Bookshop.

This title is now out of print, but is available as an eBook.
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Glamorgan The Greater Houses
Volume IV: Domestic Architecture from the Reformation to the Industrial Revolution Part I
Published 1981.

This work is one of a series devoted to Glamorgan, which, when completed, will provide an inventory of all monuments up to the middle of the 18th century as well as a selection of later structures. Here in described are the greater houses built between the Reformation and the Industrial Revolution. Among the better known buildings included is the manor house, Beaupre, with its famous early Renaissance porch and the great Orangery at Margam. The contents comprise introduction, distribution maps, full descriptions, comprehensive drawings and plates, eight in colour. The main inventory, arranged in a historical and typological order, should make the historical evolution of building types described easy to grasp.

  • Map of Ecclesiastical Parishes
  • List of Maps
  • List of Plates
  • List of Figures
  • Chairman's Preface
  • Report, with List of Monuments selected by the Commissioners as especially worthy of preservation
  • List of Commissioners and Staff
  • List of Ecclesiastical Parishes, with incidence of Monuments
  • List of Civil Parishes, with incidence of Monuments
  • Abbreviated Titles of References
  • Presentation of Material
  • Introductory Survey
  •     I Geographical and Historical Background
  •     II Architectural History
  •         A Sub-medieval house
  •         B Houses of the Early Renaissance
  •         C Houses of the Late Renaissance
  •     III Building Construction, Ornament and Decoration
  •         A Masonary
  •         B Brickwork
  •         C Carpentry and Joinery
  •         D Wall Paintings
  •         E Heraldry
  •     IV Maps Illustrating Social and Architectural History
  • Plates
  • Inventory of the Greater Houses
  • Arranged typologically and chronologically
  •     I Sub-Medieval
  •         A Great Courtyard Castellated Houses
  •         B First-Floor Halls and Derivatives
  •         C Storeyed Houses with plans derived from the Hall-house
  •             I Basically rectangular plans
  •             II Flanked by one projecting wing
  •             III Flanked by two projecting wings
  •             IV With entry at the extreme end
  •             V Not easily classifiable
  •     II Renaissance
  •         A Early Renaissance
  •         B Late Renaissance
  • Appendices
  •     I Houses known to have been of importance in the period which have been either destroyed or altered so much that little is now recoverable
  •     II Medieval castles and castellated houses occupied during the period and generally containg work of the period which will be fully described in Volume III, Part I
  •     III Medieval large house occupied during the period, some containing work of the period which will be fully described in Volume III, Part II
  • Armorial
  • Glassary
  • Index
  • Map of Civil Parishes

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