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Monday, 23 August 2010

The Archaeology Of The Montgomeryshire Canal - A Guide & Study In Waterways Archaeology

In its first century, the Royal Commission has produced more than 55 major publications. These have already made an enormous contribution to the understanding of the archaeological, built and maritime heritage of Wales, and many more books are in the pipeline. All of the publications are available in public and institutional libraries throughout Wales as well as in the Commission’s library and archive search room in Aberystwyth. Books still available for sale are listed in the Bookshop

The Archaeology of the Montgomeryshire Canal - A guide and study in Waterways Archaeology
By Stephen Hughes
Published 1988 - Out of print
Digital version available: Buy eBook

Review of Contents

The Montgomeryshire Canal has frequently been called the most beautiful canal in southern Britain. Its superb position amidst the verdant pastures and steep wooded hills of the Severn Valley is matched and complemented by a wide range of very attractive structures connected with the canal itself. It is hoped that this publication can help visitors travelling by car, on foot, or by boat, to appreciate the richness and fascination of the structures on and alongside the waterways. This book also forms an introduction to the canal's heritage for the interested archaeologist or historian and aims to place the remains in the context of other contemporary structures.
    The Royal Commission on Ancient Monuments in Wales first became involved with the archaeology of the Montgomeryshire Canal when asked to evaluate the significance of the monuments remaining along its length. This was done, drawing upon the experience of the study pf the remains of other canals and contemporary railway systems in Wales. A policy of selected survey and photography has since been pursued using both the Commission's own resources and as survey training exercises for both the Ironbridge Institute of Industrial Archaeology and for Powys County Council's M.S.C. scheme on the canal. It has thus been possible to survey the complexes of buildings and structures at Belan, Garthmyl Canal Port, the Powis Estate Timber-yard. WelshpoolCanal Yard and Maintenance Depot prior to the redevelopment of this attractive canal as a cruiseway for modern pleasure boats.

    As this book goes to press a comprehensive programme of 'listing' canal monuments is being completed after joint work between Cadw: Welsh Historic Monuments and the Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales.

    Joint discussions between the Commission's staff, the Powys County Council task force and the British Waterways Board have also taken place concerning the consolidation and development of the major remaining limekiln-bank at Belan. The kiln-bank at Buttington and the canal-powered mill at Wern have been laid out as picnic sites. The Powis Estate is also considering the restoration to water-power of the unique sawmill at Welshpool and taking steps to conserve the remarkable Powis Estate collection of architectural drawings discovered during the course of the Commission's work. It is to be hoped that the rash of concrete-block walls and perspex porchesbreaking out along the canal can be terminated and a return made to the pleasant and more compatible materials traditionally used on the canal in its 150 years of commercial life.

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • The Construction and Line of the Canal
  • The Water Economy
  • The Trade Installations
  • The Canal Workforce and their Housing
  • Canal-generated Industry
  • The Waterway Settlements
  • Gazetteer
  • Index

The Archaeology of the Montgomeryshire Canal
A guide and study in Waterways Archaeology

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