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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Archaeology Of The Welsh Uplands

The Archaeology Of The Welsh Uplands
Cover: Cadair Idris, Gwynedd
In its first century, the Royal Commission has produced more than 55 major publications. These have already made an enormous contribution to the understanding of the archaeological, built and maritime heritage of Wales, and many more books are in the pipeline. All of the publications are available in public and institutional libraries throughout Wales as well as in the Commission’s library and archive search room in Aberystwyth. Books still available for sale are listed in the Bookshop.

This title is now out of print, but is available as an eBook.
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The Archaeology Of The Welsh Uplands
Edited by David Browne & Stephen Hughes
Published 2003.

Review of Contents
This book illustrates how important the uplands archaeology of Wales is as a resource for understanding the rich history of the country and for the future development of its society and economy.
    It presents the results of Uplands Initiative surveys, chronological and thematic overviews, and outlines the pratical benefits for rural economies to be gained by the sympathetic exploitation of the archaeological resource.

  • Forward
  • The archaeology of the Welsh Uplands: An introduction
  • Themes & Chronologies
  •     The Uplands during the prehistoric and Roman periods
  •     Upland Archaeology in the medieval and post-medieval periods
  •     Industrial activity
  • Case Studies
  •     The Blaenafon uplands landscape
  •     Mynydd y Ffynnon: Cwmystwyth and Eisteddfa Gurig
  •     Moel Bronymiod
  •     Y Berwyn
  •     Mynydd Epynt: Rediscovering an abandoned farming landscape
  • The economic potential of the upland heritage
  • The economics of cultural landscapes
  • Site preservation and management
  • The Achievements and fuure of the Uplands Initiative
  • An illustrated guide to common field monuments
  • Uplands Bibliography
  • Index

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