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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Glamorgan Farmhouses & Cottages

Farmhouses and Cottages
Jacket: To-hesg, Llantwit Major, a long-house in the Vale
In its first century, the Royal Commission has produced more than 55 major publications. These have already made an enormous contribution to the understanding of the archaeological, built and maritime heritage of Wales, and many more books are in the pipeline. All of the publications are available in public and institutional libraries throughout Wales as well as in the Commission’s library and archive search room in Aberystwyth. Books still available for sale are listed in the Bookshop

Glamorgan Farmhouses and Cottages
Volume IV: Domestic Architecture from the Reformation to the Industrial Revolution Part II
Published 1988 - Out of print

Glamorgan Farmhouses and Cottages completes the story of the domestic architecture of Glamorgan from the Middle Ages to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Volume III, Part II, Medieval Non-Defensive Secular Monuments, described thoses houses throught to date from before the Reformation. Volume IV, Part I, The Greater Houses, described the major landowners' houses built between the Reformation and the Industrial Revolution. The present publication, Volume IV, Part II, describes the farmhouses of the minor gentry and tenant farmers built during the same period as well as a selection of the older cottages of the village craftsmen and labouring poor. Also included are a number of characteristic farm buildings. All types are lavishly illustrated by scale plans and sections as well as by perspectives and cutaway reconstruction drawings. This illustrated inventory is preceded by extensive introductory sections which explore the social background as well as the agricultural and economic basis for these buildings and analyse their architectural develpment and history. The introductory sections are accompanied by over 100 maps which illustrate both social and economic trends and also the form and incidence of all significant architectural details. The resulting work is on a scale that has not previously been attempted for any county of the British Isles.

  • Map of Ecclesiastical Parishes
  • List of Maps
  • Chairman's Preface
  • Report, with List of Monuments selected by Commissioners as especially worthy of preservation
  • List of Commissioners and Staff
  • Presentation of Material
  • Abbreviated Titles of References
  • Historical Survey
  • Architectural Survey
  • Maps illustrating Building Features
  • Illustrated Inventory arranged by Plan Types
  •     MED Medieval Houses
  •     AL Sub-medieval, 'Direct-Entry' Houses with Lateral Chimney
  •     A Sub-medieval, 'Direct-Entry' Houses with Lateral Chimneys on the End Gable or on the Cross Wall away from the Entry
  •     B Sub-medieval, 'Hearth-passage', End-entry and Chimney-backing-onto-the-entry Houses
  •     BL Sub-medieval, 'Hearth-passage' Houses: Long-houses
  •     C Sub-medieval, 'Lobby-entry' Houses
  •     E Sub-medieval, 'Offset-entry' Houses
  •     H Sub-medieval, 'Gable-end-entry' Houses
  •     U Sub-medieval, 'Unit-system' Houses
  •     R Renaissance 'Central-planned,' Symmetrical Houses
  •     MISC Miscellaneous Domestic Remains
  •     L Llantwit Major
  •     CB Cowbridge
  •     F Farm Buildings
  • List of Sites
  • List of Ecclesiastical Parishes, with incidence of monuments
  • List of Civil Parishes with incidence of monuments
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • Map of Civil Parishes

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