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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Prehistoric Forts Surveyed in Solva, Pembrokeshire

Aerial View of Gribin Promontory, NPRN: 94269,  AP_2006_3342
Last week, Royal Commission investigator, Louise Barker, and CBA Community Archaeologist Training Placement holder, Sophie Gingell, conducted an archaeological survey of two prehistoric forts at Solva, near St. Davids in Pembrokeshire. The two forts, most likely Iron Age in date, are situated on a narrow rocky ridge overlooking Solva harbour, known as the Gribin. There are, in fact, three prehistoric forts on this ridge all within a space of 900m (SM82SW). The archaeological surveys were carried out following a request from the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park archaeologist, Peter Crane. The first site surveyed was the promontory fort on the end of the ridge; a well-known site that has recently been cleared of vegetation. In comparison, the second fort surveyed 500m to the North-East has never been recorded or documented within the Historic Environment Record, thus making it a new and exciting discovery. Having now been cleared of vegetation, the features of this ridge fort are clear to see and include a northern rampart and numerous closely spaced hut platforms.

Aerial View of Gribin Ridge Fort, NPRN: 410450,AP_2010_0114
   Both sites are located on National Trust land and are easily accessible to walkers wishing to explore the area. The results of these surveys will soon be made available through Coflein, and the survey of the newly recorded fort will also be sent to the Ordnance Survey for inclusion on Ordnance Survey mapping. With thanks to the National Trust for permission to carry out our work.

Surveying with GPS equipment

Further information:

Coflein site details:

Gribin promontory fort
Gribin ridge fort
Gribin defended enclosure

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