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Friday, 8 July 2011

Bardsey Island Important Place Of Pilgrimage In The Middle Ages

Ynys Enlli / Bardsey Island
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Mae Ynys Enlli bron i ddwy filltir y tu hwnt i ben draw Llŷn. Mae yno bron 450 o aceri ac anheddiad o ryw ddeuddeg i bymtheg o dai. Arferai’r ynys fod yn gyrchfan bwysig i bererinion ac yn safle mynachlog drwy gydol yr Oesoedd Canol. Ychydig o’r fynachlog sydd i’w weld heblaw adfeilion y tŵr. Rhwng 1870 a 1875 fe ailgodwyd y ffermydd ac maent yn enghreifftiau diddorol o gynllunio amaethyddol. Cynlluniwyd y goleudy gan Joseph Nelson a chwblhawyd ei godi yn 1821.

The island of Bardsey, or Ynys Enlli, lies nearly two miles off the extreme west end of Llŷn. The total area is nearly 450 acres with a settlement of twelve to fifteen houses. The island was an important place of pilgrimage and monastic settlement throughout the middle ages. Apart from a ruined tower, little remains visible of the monastery. Between 1870 and 1875 the farms were rebuilt and are interesting examples of agricultural planning. The prominent lighthouse designed by Joseph Nelson was completed in 1821.

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