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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

300 Visitors Joined Royal Commission Staff At The Abermagwr Open Day

Visitors enjoying Toby Driver’s informative talk and a rare break from the rain!
On Saturday 16 July, over 300 visitors joined Royal Commission staff at the Open Day of Abermagwr Roman villa near Trawscoed. Throughout the day and in between torrential rain showers, they were led by Royal Commission archaeologist Toby Driver in a most enthustically presented tour of the partially excavated Romano-British villa where questions surrounding this amazing discovery were answered. Many children seized the opportunity to dig in the carefully prepared children’s trench running alongside the site of the villa. Here a number of interesting items were unearthed, including fragments of medieval pottery and some nineteenth-century porcelain. On the site of the villa itself numerous pieces of earthenware including a late Roman Black-burnished ware cooking pot from Dorset, Roman coins and even a gold bead have been found as well as many of the distinctive pentagonal stone tiles which are thought to have roofed this substantial estate-villa. Many of the exhibits are currently on show in the Ceredigion Museum.

Two enthusiastic young archaeologists proudly displaying their finds.

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