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Monday, 29 November 2010

Cadw Funded Nautical Archaeology Society Training Course Records Sunken Aircraft In Quarry...

Last minute briefing and checks between NAS course participants and course leader, Ian Cundy (centre).
Over the weekend of 13-14 November 2010, the Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) held a Part I training course at Chepstow Leisure Centre and National Diving and Activity Centre (NDAC). The course aims to introduce archaeological projects from the planning phase through to carrying out a 3D survey and publishing the results. The lecture and preparatory session being held at the Leisure Centre and the practical element (e.g. establishing control points from which to survey various features) is hosted by the NDAC.

A small cabin cruiser usually forms the focus of these underwater activities, but Ian Cundy and Sue Barker, NAS course leaders, arrived to find that the cruiser had been removed!

However, participants were able to swiftly revise their dive plans to apply the survey concepts that had learned to their new target - a British Aerospace Jetstream 200 which was sunk in the quarry in 2006 to provide divers with a point of interest during their descent into the depths.

A return to the classroom provided the opportunity to check their measurements for accuracy. It was followed by a short lecture looking at the aspects of post excavation fieldwork and preparing archives for deposition with National Monuments Records given by the RCAHMW’s Maritime Officer, Deanna Groom.

Course participants about to descend on the British Aerospace Jetstream 200 which rests on the quarry floor under the orange buoy at a water depth of 11m
The NAS, in co-operation with Nigel Nayling, University of Trinity St David and the Newport Ship, is to hold a follow up training weekend for intertidal hulk recording on 19-20th February 2010. The intended focus will be the mysterious hulk on the foreshore at Sully Island, near Swanbridge to the south of Cardiff.

The site was suggested by the Royal Commission because of the ongoing local interest to try and identify what the vessel might be. The Royal Commissions’ aerial photographic collectiosn suggest that the wreck since at least the early 1950s.

Places on the February course are filling up fast…. 1 place only remaining as of time of this post to the Heritage of Wales Bog.

For further Information, please click: 

or Contact NAS Office by Email at by phone at 02392818419

See also monument record NPRN 309865:

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