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Tuesday 25 September 2012

Inside Your Welsh Home

Inside Welsh Homes - Living Rooms

Despite being full of fascinating information about changes in living conditions, fashions, individual expression and people’s lives generally, the domestic interiors of ordinary homes are not often the main subject of photographs: they are more commonly the incidental backdrop to scenes like family dinners or children’s parties. With that in mind, and inspired by the Inside Welsh Homes exhibition to be held at venues across Wales in the coming months, we’ve created a number of collections on the People’s Collection website:

The collections relate to individual rooms in Welsh homes (kitchens, living rooms etc.) and are intended to encourage people to add memories and photographs of their own homes to the website. The aim is that everyone's story is included in this developing resource for the history of Wales. Have a look at what people have added already! Do you have photos or memories to add? 

People's Collection Wales

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