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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Inside Welsh Homes - Rarely-seen Photographs and Drawings

Here at the Royal Commission, we’re currently working on a book called Inside Welsh Homes. We’re using rarely-seen photographs and drawings from our archive to present a picture of the interiors of Welsh homes. Some of our favourite images are from the 1950s and show the improvements made to Welsh houses through the Housing Improvement Grant Scheme.

This is the kitchen at 2 High Street in Ysbyty Ifan in Denbighshire. It shows a new sink with under unit storage that was fitted in 1959. The cupboards in this kitchen are ventilated and were designed to keep food cool before electric and gas-powered refrigerators were available and affordable.
NPRN: 33103   DI2009_0520

Inside Welsh Homes will be published in 2012, and will be accompanied by an exhibition that will open in May. The exhibition will be travelling to a number of different museums and galleries around Wales – watch this space for more information!

Ysbyty Ifan

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