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Friday, 28 October 2011

Wrexham’s Landmark Chimney Sold on Ebay

Marston's Border Brewery
NPRN: 400338   DI2011_0757

Wrexham’s former Marston’s Border Brewery chimney (nprn: 400338), which featured prominently in the Royal Commission’s exhibition panel on Wrexham Pubs and Breweries this summer at the National Eisteddfod, was sold this week on e-bay for £1420, and during the selling process attracted a total of 59 bids. Rivaled only by the tower of St Giles Church (nprn: 162808) in height, the tall 120-foot chimney is one of Wrexham’s most striking landmarks. Situated to the rear of the Nag’s Head Public House, and dated 1894, it was built as part of the Soames Brewery, which became Border Brewery in 1932 but closed in 1984 following a takeover by the Marstons group. It was then bought by former Wrexham AM and MP Dr John Marek, who has cared for the grade II listed chimney for the last twenty years. Brick-built with wrought iron bands, the giant tower has terracotta panels with a large initial ‘S’ for Soames Brewery and somewhat prophetically the date inscription on the brewery chimney reads 1894 horizontally (date of construction) but reads 1984 (date of closure) when read vertically. The timing of this sale coincides with the return of the celebrated town brewed Wrexham Lager which will be on sale once more from this Saturday, 29 October 2011.

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