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Monday, 24 October 2011

Arnold Taylor Papers - Newly Catalogued Collections

Arnold Taylor Papers: Ref. No. ATP 

This collection arises from A. J. Taylor’s work as an Inspector of Ancient Monuments in Wales, as a Commissioner for RCAHMW, and material created through research and publication work on Welsh Castles and related sites.

It comprises research notes, facsimile documents, and photographic prints and negatives, relating to castles in Wales, although some also relate to Swiss, French and Italian Castles, and Welsh abbeys and other Welsh sites. The collection contains copies of numerous Public Record Office (PRO: now The National Archives) manuscripts, used by Taylor in his research on the Welsh castles of Edward I.

The collection is catalogued in four groups, according to the specific area of Taylor's research: War of 1277-8 Research (ATP1); Ancient Monuments (ATP2);  Castles (ATP3) and (ATP4).

Covering dates:  1759-1998

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