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Friday, 25 March 2011

Tredegar House Finest Seventeenth-century Mansion In Wales

Digitised postcard image of Tredegar House, Newport.
Produced by Parks and Gardens Data Services,
from an original item in the Peter Davis Collection at Parks and Gardens UK. 
tredegar2 C856182 / NPRN: 20907
Tredegar House is perhaps the finest complete seventeenth-century mansion surviving in Wales but there remain two mysteries surrounding it: Who designed it? And, when was the house built? Yesterday, the Emergency Recording Team of the Royal Commission made a start in solving the second of these mysteries. The Royal Commisssion specialises in tree-ring dating (dendrochronology). As part of our national tree-ring dating programme, samples were successfully taken from the roofs and beams in both the older Tudor house and its seventeenth-century successor. The tree-ring cores will now be analysed by the Oxford tree-ring dating laboratory and the results will be announced later in the summer. Tredegar House is a very popular community resource for the people of Newport and Emily Price, the curator, says there will be great interest in the results of the tree-ring dating.

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