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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Historic Treasures Worth £850m A Year & Support 30,000 Jobs

Colour oblique aerial photograph of Caernarfon Castle, 1994
GTJ00136     NPRN: 95318
A great article on the historic environment of Wales, giving visitor figures to some of the nations treasures such as Caernarfon Castle 194,000 visitors, Big Pit 165,696, Blaenavon Ironworks 29,961, Blaenavon Heritage Railway 9,364, Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal 2,876, informal visitors. quotes “The historic riches of Wales support 30,000 jobs and inject approximately £840m into the Welsh economy, claims a major report published today.

“Wales has nearly 30,000 listed buildings and more than 4,000 scheduled ancient monuments. There are also six historic wrecks, 428 registered historic landscapes, parks and gardens, and 519 conservation areas.

“The landmark research, Valuing the Welsh Historic Environment, says the nation’s heritage must be actively cared for and promoted. It warns that once these assets have been lost or forgotten they can rarely be recovered.”

Colour transparency showing view of head frame at Big Pit, 1999
DI2006_0272     NPRN: 433
Heritage Minister Alun Ffred Jones said: “I welcome this important report which looks in depth at the value of Wales’ heritage. Wales has a rich and diverse heritage which has great value to those who live here in many different ways.

“Clearly it is important to conserve this environment for social and educational reasons. But sometimes what is not recognised and what this report shows is that our heritage also has an important economic impact, both through the benefits it can bring to local people and the income generated through visitors.

“The Assembly Government recognises the importance of the historic environment and through Cadw we continue to ensure that it is maintained for future generations.

“Heritage is a big pull for tourists in Wales. For example, our recent visitor survey showed that 72% of visitors went to castles, stately houses and/or historic sites during their stay.

“Through our £19m heritage tourism project we are also working hard to maximise the economic value of heritage.”

Blaenavon Ironworks, Blaenavon.
South-east front & north-east side of No 2 cast house & furnace with foundry beyond.
DS2006_179_008     NPRN: 34134
Read more:
Landmark research has found our historic treasures are worth £850m a year and support 30,000 jobs

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