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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Second Draft of the Computer Animation of Maenofferen Slate Mine

Still from the second draft of the animation of Maenofferen Slate Mine showing the waterwheel which powered the mill. Note that the water flow has still to be added to the leat bringing water to the wheel and that the stack yard for the finished slates has yet to be created behind the mill. NPRN: 400427

A second draft of the computer animation of Maenofferen slate mine (NPRN: 400427) has been completed, and work has concentrated on replicating the large waterwheel which powered the largest mills on the site for approximately 15 years before the introduction of electrical power to the mill and the underground mining in 1911.

The survey data (collected by Investigators Louise Barker, Sue Fielding, Scott Lloyd and Spencer Smith) has been combined with historic photographs, maps and plans from the National Monuments Record of Wales . Discussion with industrial archaeologists who visited the underground mine and the above-ground complex of buildings when it was operational has provided important additional information to ensure that the finished product is as accurate as possible.

Acknowledgement: thanks are due to See3D.

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