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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Digital Past 2016: Cijferboek Cultureel Erfgoed, Survey and Monitoring Digital Heritage in Flanders

The Cijferboek cultureel erfgoed (literal translation: Number book cultural heritage) is an initiative of the Agency for Arts and Heritage of the Flemish government and FARO: Flemish Interface for Cultural Heritage. It collects biannual figures on the operation of the authorised (with a certification label) museums, archives and heritage libraries, and the subsidised nationwide heritage organisations and heritage bodies. It includes data about the management form, staff, volunteers, financial resources, infrastructure, collection size and management, activities, access conditions, visitor numbers and services.

Bert de Nil will be talking about how this data allows the evolution of the cultural heritage sector to be monitored with accurate statistics and can underpin the policy and support for cultural heritage.

Basic indicators are the registration, digitisation and online accessibility of the heritage collections, and since 2014, data on born-digital collections (ownership, registration and online accessibility), managing digital heritage (financing, deployment of staff / volunteers, dissemination and use, open data, digital archiving). Certain components are based on ENUMERATE survey.

FARO organises this survey every two years. This allows us, not only to monitor the evolution of the cultural heritage sector with figures that are up-to-date, but also to benchmark the heritage organisations and heritage bodies. All data is publically available via the website:

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