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Friday, 14 March 2014

Working with Trimsaran village to create a 3D model map

During the recent half-term school holiday, Britain from Above was working in the village of Trimsaran between Kidwelly and Llanelli to create a 3D model map of the village to showcase at the National Eisteddfod being held in Llanelli this summer.

Residents of Trimsaran came to take part by either: bringing along photographs, maps and memorabilia to share with the project; telling stories about their experiences of the village over the years; or by showing off their craft skills designing, decorating and creating the village, homes, trees, roads and other landmarks to the add to map ready to exhibit at the Eisteddfod.

Hard at work creating their village!

We made a few special visits during the week, first to the Trimsaran Family Centre to make houses and trees, with the preschool children and their parents, to decorate the map. The children enjoyed creating their own houses and finding them in the modern pictures of the village, whilst the parents explored the Britain from Above website (between making roofs and colouring in bricks!

Finding their houses and then creating them on paper!

The Children of the Family Centre with their additions to the map!
We also visited the Lys-y-Godian complex to speak to some of the residents about their memories of the village. They shared some of their stories and photographs with us, in particular about the bridge out of the village towards Kidwelly, which at one point was the only road out the village in that direction.  It is now too narrow for the modern width of buses, but when buses were first introduced they could just fit between the walls of the bridge although, when a bus was coming across the only option was to stand in the bridges indents to let it pass. They warned us too that you should never cross it under the light of the full moon, as you may see the ghosts of Spudders Bridge throw themselves into the dark waters below!

Residents of Lys-y-Godian looking at the 1st-4th edition maps of the village along with Aerofilms images of the nearby areas.

The week was a great start to the project, with plenty of information and buildings being added to the map, with room for more to be included before the start of the Eisteddfod.

The village as it stands so far, plenty of room for more additions!

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