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Monday, 17 March 2014

Careers in Heritage Day at the Royal Commission

On Thursday, 12 March, students of archaeology, history, geography and heritage in general came from all over Wales to the Royal Commission’s Careers in Heritage Day held in collaboration with the Britain from Above project. Students had the opportunity to listen to talks by the Royal Commission’s archivist, Gareth Edwards, and its aerial investigator, Dr Toby Driver ─ two very different occupations in the heritage sector! There were presentations on a broad range of heritage specialisms: the Britain from Above community project, technical survey, maritime archaeology, CBA community archaeology placements, People’s Collection Wales, GIS mapping and heritage publications. Visitors were also able to explore the resources of the National Monuments Record and talked to our Reader Services staff. As you will see from the photographs and the feedback comments, the day generated much enthusiasm and interest!

“Very informative- thank you. Careers advice useful. Hopefully I will progress in this Heritage Sector”.

“I haven’t used the Royal Commission to its full advantage. I will recommend their facilities to other Aberystwyth students”.

“Britain from Above website helped me with an assignment. Very good day, informative and useful.”

“Very informative, particularly on the specifics of Lidar. Thank you”.

“Very informative& engaging. Thank you for such a  great opportunity. Talks v.good”.

“Wedi dysgu llawer iawn heddiw ac cael dysgu  mwy am y datblygiad o y lle dwi yn byw”. (Learned a lot today and have learned more about the development of where I live.)

“Diwrnod diddorol, wedi gwneud i mi feddwl am yr swyddi i mi gael yn yr dyfodol”. (Interesting day, made me think about the jobs available for me in the future.)

Looking into the past with 3D glasses.
Explaining the scope of the Britain from Above project.
Enthusiasm for maritime archaeology.
Explaining digital survey to an interested audience.
Discussing the Royal Commission’s successful heritage publications.
Students engrossed in historic aerial photos.
Appreciative comments on the graffiti wall at the end of the day!

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