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Monday, 22 April 2013

Big Pit Tapestry on Display from 1 May

Big Pit Tapestry. Copyright: Mad Mountain Stitchers

The incredible tapestry of Big Pit, Blaenavon, cleverly created last year by the Mad Mountain Stitchers and reported by the Heritage of Wales blog in September will be on display for public viewing at Big Pit from the 1 May, 2013. Using a number of different and highly-creative materials and techniques, Margitta Davis, Ann Notley, Penny Turnbull, Milli Stein and Jan Winstanley took two years to ingeniously create this wonderful tapestry using images drawn from the National Monuments Record of Wales and in particularly pictures from the extensive John Cornwell collection.

Left: Connecting tunnel between Pit Bottom and River Arch. NPRN 433 (John Cornwell Collection)
Right: Nineteenth-century workings in Coity Pits. NPRN 433 (John Cornwell Collection)

The National Monuments Record of Wales (NMRW) holds the national collection of information about the historic environment of Wales from the earliest times to the present day. It includes almost 2,000,000 photographs, over 125,000 drawings, over 32,000 archived maps, and over 530,000 pages of text and reports. An increasing amount of this material is available on Coflein, our on-line database. In addition the Royal Commission welcomes enquiries about its collections and offers a free public enquiry service.

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