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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Essential National Treasure House - Royal Commission

Non Jenkins receiving her box of chocolates from the Open Day prize-draw.

Held on Wednesday, 27th July the Royal Commission Open Day was a very-well attended event. Throughout the day, a constant stream of visitors came to the offices at Plascrug in Aberystwyth, to listen to talks, attend a variety of tours and demonstrations and view the vast range of photographs, maps and original drawings taken from the archive and on display. Satisfaction with the day was unanimous with 100% of visitors reporting that they enjoyed the day, with 85% marking their feed-back questionnaires with the maximum score for enjoyment of the day as being, “very much”. Interestingly, in addition to the many local people attending the day, we also had visitors from all over Wales including the Vale of Glamorgan, Caernarfon, Welshpool, Lampeter and Wrexham and even as far afield as Cannock in Staffordshire and Somerset. Overall, an excellent day was enjoyed by all with such positive praise as “fascinating”, “exceptional” “diddorol, addysgiadol, agoriad llygad” (interesting, educational and eye-opener) and “essential national Treasure house” being attributed to the Royal Commission. Hopefully next year’s event will prove equally successful!

Visitors to the Royal Commission's library

Toby Driver gives a talk on aerial photography

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