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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Best-preserved Medieval Town In Wales

Richard animatedly describing the Aberconwy House, the oldest town house.
On Thursday 1 of September, Senior Investigator Richard Suggett led a tour of the Edwardian borough town of Conwy for a group of members from the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain In an afternoon of beautiful sunshine, Richard enthusiastically led the group around many of Conwy’s most notable sites. These included Plas Mawr (nprn:16754), often described as the “finest Elizabethan townhouse in Britain”, Aberconwy House (nprn: 25978), dated 1417-20 by the RCAHMW and the intricately ornate, fine sixteenth-century rood screen from St. Mary and All Saints’ Church, which was built upon the site of the twelfth-century Cistercian Aberconwy Abbey (nprn:43768). The tour also included a walk of the city walls which also took in the delights of the little-known derelict cock-pit in York Street and ever-popular Smallest House in Britain. An excellent afternoon was enjoyed by all, who later agreed with Richard that the historical wealth of the town surely makes it one of the best-preserved walled medieval towns in Britain today.

An encounter  at the Smallest  House in Great Britain.
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