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Monday, 26 April 2010

More Reviews for Hidden Histories

The Royal Commission’s book, Hidden Histories: Discovering the Heritage of Wales, has been getting some excellent reviews in various journals as they come out. Last year, British Archaeology called it ‘an inspiring tool for anyone engaged with Welsh heritage.’ The latest generous comments are in Morgannwg, the journal of the Glamorgan History Society (2009), by the Society’s President, Professor Gwynedd O. Pierce. Professor Pierce says that the arrangement of the book ‘makes the reader’s progress through the pages of this sumptuous volume a journey of sheer pleasure’. He concludes, ‘it can be regarded as the most beautiful fully comprehensive social history of Wales that has been hitherto produced.’

Another enthusiastic recent review has come out in Landscape History (2009). Paul Stamper of English Heritage writes,  ‘this is a very classy offering indeed’ and ‘a fine publication which deserves to find a wide readership.’ His only criticism is the apparent omission of any mention of the heritage of sport, and in particular rugby. Happily, there is in fact a two-page spread by Neil Harries on the demolition of the old Cardiff national rugby stadium and the construction of the Millennium Stadium in its place.

Hidden Histories and the Welsh-language edition Trysorau Cudd are still available from bookshops or direct from the Royal Commission.

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