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Friday, 5 June 2015

National Monuments Record of Wales Archives and Library Bulletin - May 2015

Welcome to the latest monthly edition of the National Monuments Record of Wales (NMRW) Archives and Library Bulletin which lists all newly catalogued material. The archival items, library books and journal articles are all available to view in our public reading room. The full archive catalogue is available on Coflein and contains digital copies of many of the items listed.

Our Library and reading room is open:
Monday – Friday 09.30 – 16.00, Wednesday 10.30 – 16.30.
An appointment is advisable.

May 2015




Maps, plans drawings and photographs produced by Geoff Ward in 2000 of the following sites:

• Cwmeinion CM Sunday School and Chapel: C605811
• Bwlch-y-Maen Farmstead, Cards: C605813
• Ty Isaf, Llanfarian: C605814

Investigators Digital Photography

Digital photographs taken by RCAHMW investigators of the following sites:

• Bethania Chapel, Maesteg, 2014: C605909
• Peniel chapel, Tremadog, 2014: C605917
• Llanlash farmhouse, 2015: C606005
• 23 Vale Street, 2009: C606034
• Bridgend English Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (United Reform Church): C606102
• Emmanuel Christchurch (previously Christ Church), Bridgend: C606218
• Pemprys, Ysgybor-y-coed, 2015: C605187
• Farm Buildings at Rhuwarthen-Uchaf, 2014: C606371
• Erddig Hall gardens taken duirng the popular Apple Festival in 2014: C606377
• The National Museum of Wales, Cathays Park, Cardiff, 2015: C606396
• Gorsedd Gardens, Cathays Park, Cardiff, 2015: C606398
• City Hall, Cathays Park, Cardiff, 2015: C606400
• Nazareth House, Colum Road, Cardiff, 2015: C606402
• Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff, 2015: C606404
• Civic Centre, Cathays Park, Cardiff, 2015: C606414
• Gelmast Farm, Llanfihangel-y-Creuddyn: C 606110

Pemprys, Detail of ventilation lintel with date inscription, ref: DS2015_064_027. C605900

•English Independant Chapel, Bridgend: C606224
•Hope Baptist Chapel, Bridgend: C606230
•Ruhamah Baptist Chapel, Bridgend: C606250
•Unitarian Chapel, Bridgend: C606253
•Tank trap blocks established near the crest of Happy Valley, Dysyrnant, 2011: C606358
•Maen Llwyd (Grey Stone), Cae Maenllwyd, Machynlleth, 2014: C606362
•Ty Maengwyn, Heol Maengwyn, Machynlleth, 2014: C606365
•Gates and gatehouses of Y Plas, Machynlleth: C606368
•Ty'n-y-coed, Dyffryn, 2009: C851902

Horse whim mechanism, Ty'n-y-coed, ref: DS2009_042_041, C530682

General Digital Donations Collection

Research notes on Pembrokeshire Parishes, Places and People compiled by Basil Hughes, 1970-2015, comprising 6 online pdf’s:  C606037

Three aerial photos of the Assembly Buildings and Council Building, Aberystwyth taken from a powered hang glider by P.J. Laverty while an Open Day for the Assembly Building was taking place, Oct 2009: C606076

Geoff Ward Slide Collection

Colour slides produced by Geoff Ward in 2001 showing:

•Garden at Bwlch yr Oerfa: C606109

Cadw scheduling Records

File of Cadw scheduled monument records for May Hill Pillboxes (MM348), consisting of scheduling notices, accompanied by Field Monument Warden reports and printed images.  Files stored in scheduled monument number order. Dated 2008: C605905

Additional Information Collection

Cefn Gwyn Lead Mine, annotated map extract (photocopied 25" OS map) and list of mine features, produced by Robert Protheroe-Jones. Dated 1993: C605812

RCAHMW Black and White Oblique Aerial Photographs

Newly digitized b&w aerial photographs taken by C R Musson showing:

•Brecon Gaer Roman fort, in 1996: C605966
•Clydach Terrace Mine Workings, taken in 1993: C605975

Ordnance Survey Aerial Photography Collection

Newly digitized aerial photographs taken by Ordnance Survey showing:

•Melin Llyn area, Caernarfonshire, in 1997 & 2005: C605984, C605986
•Penally area  in 1989 & 1994: C606073, C606075
•Area east of Tregynon in April 1997: C606074

RCAHMW Colour Oblique Aerial Photographs

35 newly digitised aerial views of sites across Wales taken 1988-2004.

Llangors Lake during excavations, 1990, ref: 90/CS/0542, C605871

Aerial view of Mynydd y garn settlement and field system, taken in 2001,  ref: 2001/CS/0497: C605815

Brecon Beacons, taken in 1992, ref: 925507/4, C605873

A.J. Parkinson Slide Collection

289 35mm colour and black and white slides showing sites across Wales produced by A.J. Parkinson between 1970-1971

RCAHMW General Scanned Image Collection

Digital copies of a set of undated architectural drawings of The Coliseum, Aberystwyth produced by J. Arthur Jones, and loaned for copying by Ceredigion Museum

J. Evans Skomer Collection

Skomer: Hut Group 8, north stream settlement. Enhanced field survey drawing at 1:50 scale undertaken by Cardiff University archaeology students, 19-20 March 1984: C605950

Skomer: Hut Groups 6, 7 and 8. Publication survey plan drawn at 1:200 scale - reproduced as Figure 6 in Evans, J.G. 1990 "An archaeological survey of Skomer, Dyfed" Proc. Pre. Soc. 56, 247-267: C605951

Vernon D. Emmanuel Collection

A further 56 digital photographs from this collection showing views of iron works, collieries, brickworks and other industrial sites in South Wales scanned from photographs taken between 1970 and 1990 by Vernon David Emmanuel and deposited in the NMR by his son David Tudor Emmanuel. C604461

R.E. Kay Collection

Sketch plan of Hen Castell, with notes, produced by R.E. Kay, 1950.


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Capel Local Information Leaflet 77: Bridgend

Casemate no. 103 (May 2015)

Current Archaeology no. 303 (June 2015)

Institute of Historic Building Conservation Yearbook (2015) [shelved in Library for 1 year, B8.IHBC]

Jahresschrift für mitteldeutsche Vorgeschichte vol. 94 (2014)

Journal of the Mining Heritage Trust of Ireland no. 14 (December 2014)

Maplines vol. 23 no. 1 (Spring 2015)

Mine d’histoires no. 3 (May 2015) [electronic only]

Monmouthshire Antiquary vol. 31 (2015)

Pembrokeshire Life (May 2015)

Planet no. 218 (Summer 2015)

Welsh Mines Society Newsletter no. 72 (Spring 2015)

Journals Current Awareness:

Casemate no. 103, p. 5: ‘WW1 Home Front Legacy’ – on the UK-wide project, illustrated with photographs from RCAHMW

Current Archaeology no. 303, p. 10: ‘Rare cist burial found in Nefyn’ [during excavations at St. Mary’s Church]; p. 28: ‘Dwelling in the past: Discovering the historic houses of Snowdonia’ by Chris Catling

Journal of the Mining Heritage Trust of Ireland no. 14, p. 103: ‘Bronze age copper mines in Wales, and a brief comparison with the evidence from Ireland’ by Simon Timberlake

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