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Monday, 22 June 2015

Update on our Gallipoli landing craft sister-ship RIVER LOYNE

The X215 in its guise as RIVER LOYNE, tied up at quayside. A close look at the deck suggests the ship is loaded with stone.
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A very special thank you to John Clarkson of Preston for providing an image of the RIVER LOYNE in the ship’s later years as a vessel in the stone trade. The steelwork added to build up the landing craft’s sides can clearly be seen, but can anyone confirm the harbour? The London, Midland and Scottish railway wagon in the background may provide a clue …
View: Sister Ship to Gallipoli Landing Craft Lost in Welsh Waters

Many thanks also to John Davies for drawing our attention to another X-lighter, which worked as a water tanker at Swansea, and later at Llanelli. David Mallard ( has kindly provided a synopsis of the history he has compiled over the years – X8 was built by Sir John Lang, Sunderland and converted to a water tanker at Warrens New Holland Shipyard. Given the name TANKARD, X8 was used by the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service (believed only in the UK) until sold out of service in 1921. TANKARD was acquired on 8 February 1922 by Vauxhall Trading, Sheerness, then to British Tanker Co, Sheerness, on 5 March 1950. TANKARD came to Wales when it was sold to Metal Trading, Swansea, and then to D. D. & Co. G. O. Tate is noted as owning TANKARD from 28 September 1961, until the ship was sold on again to T. L. Jones. As John Davies has confirmed, the former X-lighter was still working in 1974. Can anyone tell us more about TANKARD’s service life in Wales? We’d love to know what happened after TANKARD’s time with the Llanelli Sand Company.

Deanna Groom, Maritime Officer, RCAHMW
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