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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The R.E. Kay Collection - Treasures From Our Archive

Llanederyn Church and Glebe Cottage, 1937. One of the earlier entries, it demonstrates amply the high standard of draughtsmanship to be found in the notebooks. C577935 DI2013_0817.

When considering privately donated records, created by non-professionals in the fields of archaeology or architecture, it would be difficult to cite a more impressive and striking collection than that produced by R.E. Kay over six decades from the 1930s until 1990. Comprising 39 notebooks indexed by the author, the collection records a series of walks or drives in Wales and the borders, and occasionally elsewhere in the UK, undertaken by Richard E. Kay during his spare time, from boyhood until old age. The books meticulously document a wealth of archaeological, architectural and antiquarian detail encountered during each tour, and are beautifully illustrated by R.E. Kay, a talented draughtsman.

In addition to forming an attractive and unusual set of records, the notebooks include important information about sites and features which may have since vanished or are not noted elsewhere.

Whitford Bay and a neolithic chambered tomb at Penmaen Burrows, 1984. Much more recent, the quality of draughtsmanship is unchanged – unlike that of the handwriting! C577959 DI2013_0831.
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