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Monday, 1 July 2013

New Light On The Iron Age Hillforts Of North Ceredigion, Mid Wales

Announcing a new book published by Archaeopress, Oxford, in collaboration with the Royal Commission, Wales.

The Iron Age hillforts of north Ceredigion (Cardiganshire), mid Wales, are among the most striking and interesting fortifications of pre-Roman Wales. A new book by Dr Toby Driver, of the Aberystwyth-based Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales, examines their architecture and landscape settings, to bring a new understanding of the Iron Age communities who occupied this part of mid Wales in the last centuries before the Roman conquest.

Dr Driver explained: ‘This is the first detailed study of the Iron Age hillforts of north Ceredigion since Volume 1 of the Cardiganshire County History published in 1994, and we have made enormous progress since that time in understanding these incredible structures. In their heyday Iron Age hillforts were the most modern and complex buildings Wales had seen. Those which were built in mid Wales are among the most interesting in western Britain.’

Darren Camp hillfort north Ceredigion  AP_2012_1436 - Crown Copyright RCAHMW

This new study examines the dating, architecture and landscape settings of the north Ceredigion hillforts, and also discusses how cultural contact with people living in central Wales and along the Welsh Borders may have fostered new ideas of regional identity and hillfort design.

Dr Driver continued: ‘Some of the largest north Ceredigion hillforts, like Pen Dinas above Aberystwyth, are phenomenal engineering achievements, requiring the excavation of tons of rock and the construction of high walls and gate towers. I hope this new book brings the region’s great hillforts, and the considerable achievements of our prehistoric ancestors, to wider attention.’

With over 200 black and white illustrations, this new book in the Archaeopress series of British Archaeological Reports is a detailed account which showcases the hillforts of north Ceredigion for the first time.

‘Architecture, Regional Identity and Power in the Iron Age Landscapes of Mid Wales - The Hillforts of North Ceredigion’. British Archaeological Report 583. Is available from Archaeopress, Oxford and the Royal Commission.

181 pages. Over 200 illustrations in black and white.
ISBN 9781407311234. £33.00

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