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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Help Us Create A Woolly Squadron – We Need Your Knitting Support To Take Off!

“Yarnbombing” over Llangynidr Bridge, near Crickhowell.

To commemorate World Wide Knit in Public Day (8―16 June 2013), the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales is enlisting the help of volunteer ‘yarnstormers’ to create a squadron of knitted aeroplanes to take over urban and rural areas.

Volunteers are requested to showcase their knitting skills and find out more about the history of the place they live in by ‘yarnbombing’ locations near them, which can also be found in Aerofilm photographs.

Natasha Scullion, Britain From Above’s Activity Officer said: ‘We are encouraging any keen knitting enthusiasts to join us in our mission to wind up their wool and take off with Britain from Above!’

Be inspired by Britain From Above’s unique collection of stunning aerial photographs of Britain taken between 1919―53 on The images provide an unparalleled photographic history of Britain from the air in the twentieth century. They illustrate the enormous changes that have taken place in housing, leisure, industry, transport and agriculture, and the physical impact of two world wars. People can access over 35,000 images for free.

Both the instructions and the pattern is available to download from and through English Heritage’s Britain From Above Twitter feed @AboveBritain

Joining in is easy.
Step 1. Knit a plane. Use our pattern or make up your own. The sky is the limit to your creativity …
Step 2. Go to to find images near you and pick a favourite spot. If you like, leave your knitted masterpiece for other people to enjoy.
Step 3. Upload your picture to our KNIT for Britain from Above group on to join the ranks of your fellow yarnstormers.

Claude Graham-White piloting a Farman biplane at Bournemouth, 1910

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