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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Recording the Archaeological and Built Heritage of Wales

Recording Talysarn Hall, Talysarn, Gwynedd

The main building of Talysarn Hall, Talysarn, Gwynedd. NPRN: 16874
Part of the remit of the Royal Commission is to record the archaeological and built heritage of Wales. During the work of the Atlanterra Project, Royal Commission Investigators Louise Barker and Spencer Smith were alerted to the deteriorating condition of Talysarn Hall (NPRN: 16874) in Talysarn, Gwynedd.

Talysarn Hall, Gardens (NPRN: 86485) and associated outbuildings (NPRN: 31440) had already been recorded on Coflein but the continued deterioration of the main building meant that a photographic survey was required in order to record any architectural details before they were lost completely, together with the production of an updated Coflein entry for the Hall. None of the complex has any formal legislation to protect it, and consequently the record made by the Royal Commission is a vitally important resource.

The Hall predates the appearance of the large-scale quarry workings and originally sat adjacent to the main Talysarn to Nantlle Road, but the encroachment and enlargement of nearby Dorothea Slate Quarry (NPRN: 40539) removed the main road and eventually the complex became sandwiched between Dorothea to the south and the Blaen-y-Cae (NPRN: 40530) and Gallt-y-Fedw Slate Quarries (NPRN: 40552) to the north.

The entrance to the Stable Block of Talysarn Hall, Talysarn, Gwynedd. NPRN: 34410  
The photographic survey of the Hall and outbuildings will become part of the Royal Commission's archive and the Atlanterra Project will also make use of this information to place the slate quarries of the Nantlle Valley into their wider landscape context.

Talysarn Hall has been mentioned in a new book: Ancestral Houses: the Lost Mansions of Wales / Tai Mawr a Mieri: Plastai Coll Cymru

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