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Friday, 30 July 2010

Accessing Information On The Go

Through the People’s Collection Wales website project the Royal Commission has been making the most of mobile technology to enable remote access to this new resource sponsored by the Welsh Assembly Government.

Use your mobile phone to take a photograph of this barcode (a QR or "Quick Response" code).
What can you see? What information have you received?

Quick Response Barcode
The barcode is an image that contains a URL for a specific webpage.  It can be read using the camera on most mobile phones.  If you have a camera phone with the correct software installed, you can link from this image directly to the relevant web content.

What do you need?
If you don’t currently have QR reading software installed on your phone, you can follow the instructions below (there are a large number of other free readers available online).
By SMS - Text the word i-nigma to: 07797 882325 (for the price of a standard text message). You will receive back a message containing a link to the i-nigma software download site.

People's Collection Wales, Roman Caerleon trail
If you are visiting Caerleon you can use this on the Roman Caerleon trail to access information about various sites in the Roman fortress whilst out and about.

Information where you need it most for a cost of a phone call.
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