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Friday, 12 March 2010

Copperopolis: Swansea Copperworks

Pen and ink drawing of the elevation of Swansea Copperworks. Fig 619 from Tomlinson's 'Cyclopedia of Useful Arts, Manufacturing, Mining and Engineering' Vol 1, 1854.
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Swansea University has recently announced a new project to celebrate one of Swansea's famous copperworks. Hafod Copperworks was one of the largest in Swansea and only closed in 1980. Significant remains still stand and the project plans to involve the local community in activities and exhibitions and to produce computer generated animations, bringing the copperworks "back to life".

The history of Swansea as the centre of the copper-smelting industry and its significance in the national and international context of the industrial revolution are explored in the Royal Commission's publication: Copperopolis.

Visit the Swansea University website to read about the project in more detail
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