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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Celebrate World Book Day 3 March 2016: Special Offers from the Royal Commission Book Store!

The Royal Commission has been publishing the results of its research and material from its archive since 1911. The earliest publications were inventories of ancient and historical sites in each county, the last volume appearing in 2000. Many of the classic older inventories are now freely available as eBooks. In 1975 the Commission published its first thematic book, Houses of the Welsh Countryside, and since then we have published over thirty titles covering all aspects of Welsh Heritage. Our entire catalogue is now available through our bookshop, with out-of-print titles now available as eBooks.

As a special offer celebrating this year’s World Book Day, we are offering selected titles at half price or less throughout the month of March starting from World Book Day on the 3 March.

World Book Day Price including P&P

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct & Canal:
Nomination as a World Heritage Site

By A.P. Wakelin, 2008

>> £7.50

Pontcysyllte 18ind Patrimony
By L. Bergeron, Editor, 2007

>> £7.50

Trysorau Cudd:
Darganfod Treftadaeth Cymru

By A.P. Wakelin, golygydd and R.A. Griffiths, golygydd, 2008

>> £7.50

Roman Frontiers in Wales and the Marches
By Barry C. Burnham and Jeffrey L. Davies (Editors), 2010

>> £25.00

Mynydd Hiraethog / The Denbigh Moors
By Robert J. Silvester, Louise Barker, David Leighton, 2011

>> £6.50

Cymru Hanesyddol o'r Awyr / Historic Wales From the Air
By Toby Driver and Oliver Davis, 2012

>> £7.50

Capeli / Chapels
By Tim Rushton with an introduction by Susan Fielding and a foreward by Huw Edwards, 2012

>> £7.50

Fields of Play:
The Sporting Heritage of Wales

By Daryl Leeworthy, 2012

>> £6.50

A History of Britain From Above

By James Crawford, Katy Whitaker and Allan Williams, 2015

>> £17.50

Historic Landscapes from the Air
By T.G. Driver, 2007

>> £17.50

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