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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Inspirational Archives - Explore Your Archives 2015: After the Event

Mad Mountain Stitchers work in progress

Our Inspirational Archives day went even better than we could have hoped. Lots of interesting, and interested, visitors (braving the dreadful weather) came along to hear the talks, view the displays and demonstrations, and take part in our creative workshops.

We are indebted to the workshop leaders who so generously gave their time, resources, energy and ideas to lead our four workshops.

Thank you so much Carmen Mills, Judith Woodings, Marie-Genevieve Rolande Pierre, and the Mad Mountain Stitchers: you were all wonderful and we are very, very appreciative.

Black and white collage
Carmen and Judith acted as facilitators for two collage workshops - one colour, one black and white  – and a sculptural workshop. Marie-Genevieve led a book-art workshop for us. The Mad Mountain Stitchers, in addition to very kindly lending us their Big Pit wall hanging and many other smaller pieces for our central display, sat and stitched for us all day long – and kept us entertained!

A big thank-you, too, to the members of staff who gave talks and demonstrations; helped with the preparation; took part in the day’s activities; and overall generally supported us.

And now we have two new stunning creations on our coffee room walls; memories of a fantastic day; and, hopefully, lots of entries for the selection for publication in Planet!

If you haven’t already created or submitted your inspirational work, there’s still plenty of time. The deadline for submissions if 1 January 2016. Details of how to submit can be found here

By Lynne Moore

Colour collage.

Sculptural workshop

Book Art workshop

Book Art workshop

Book Art workshop

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