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Friday, 23 October 2015

Ordnance Survey Large Print Collection

A significant proportion of the Aerial Photographic Collections within the National Monuments Record of Wales comprises large prints from the Ordnance Survey Aerial Mapping Programme. The prints are square format, measuring 30” x 30” (75x75cm) or more, dating from between 1962 and 2009. The large prints reveal an amazing level of ground detail.

A recent addition to the aerial photographic collections includes a significant number of large prints. However, a small number of photographs have no identification details on them. They cannot be included in our collections unless we know the area they cover.

Can you help us identify where this is? We believe it may have been taken in the early to middle part of the 1990s. To the left of the frame there is a straight section of main road, approaching the outskirts of a settlement. At the bottom corner there is a small industrial site, and a quarry located on the other side of the road. On the right-hand edge of the photograph there is a range of farm buildings, close to a house with a distinctive circular feature within the grounds – see the detailed view below.

If you know where this photograph was taken, please contact our offices.

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By Medwyn Parry

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