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Monday, 30 January 2012

Tree-ring Dating At Plas Tirion, Llanwrst

Plaster overmantel with figures of War and Peace in teh Great Chamber of Plas Tirion
NPRN 27773   GTJ22363

As mentioned in last week’s Heritage of Wales blog , as part of their partnership work with the Dating Old Welsh Houses community-based history project, Royal Commission staff recently visited a cluster of historical houses nestling in the Conwy Valley. One of the finest examples of these houses is Plas Tirion, an early-seventeenth-century winged-mansion with wonderfully-preserved plasterwork dated 1626 and 1628. The house is currently being lovingly restored by Nat and Sophie Scharer of the Natural Building Centre. To the south-west of the house lies a cowshed which unexpectedly incorporates the earlier house. Here, a single archaic smoke-blackened cruck truss survives and was successfully sampled by the dendrochronologist, Dan Miles.

The visit has been captured on three short films made by Huw Jenkins, community reporter for BBC Radio Wales, and may be viewed by simply clicking the link below.

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