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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Launch of CADW's Maintenance Matters Website

 Alun Ffred Jones AM, Minister for Heritage (left) with Greg Stevenson,
at the launch of CADW's new website: maintenance matters.

Cynnal a chadw yn fyw!
Mae gwefan newydd Cynnal a Chadw! (, sydd wedi ei gynllunio gan Cadw, nawr yn fyw ar ôl cael ei lansio gan Alun Ffred Jones AC, Gweinidog Treftadaeth, a’r cyflwynydd teledu Greg Stevenson yn Fferm Treberfedd, ger Llanbedr Pont Steffan.
Gwaith cynnal a chadw rheolaidd yw’r peth pwysicaf y gall perchnogion ei wneud i ddiogelu ei adeiladau hanesyddol a bwriad gwefan Cynnal a Chadw! yw helpu perchnogion nodi problemau bach yn gynnar, atal difrod difrifol a’r angen am waith atgyweirio drud yn nes ymlaen.
Mae’r wefan yn cynnig cyngor arbennig ynghyd â ffotograffau a lluniau i ddarparu canllaw ar-lein i gynnal  a chadw adeiladau hanesyddol, beth i edrych allan amdano, pryd a sut i’w gadw yn y cyflwr gorau posibl.

Maintenance Matters goes live!
Maintenance Matters! (, a new web resource designed by Cadw,for owners of historic and listed properties, is now live after its launch by Alun Ffred Jones AM, Heritage Minister, and television presenter Greg Stevenson at Treberfedd Farm in Ceredigion.
Routine maintenance is probably the most important action that owners can take to protect their historic buildings and the Maintenance Matters! web resource is aimed at helping owners to spot minor problems early, preventing serious damage and the need for expensive repairs later on.
The website offers expert advice coupled with photographs and drawings to provide an online guide to maintaining historic buildings what to look for, when and how to keep the properties in best possible condition.
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